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Training Info


Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. We believe that Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today, with editions ranging from community open source, to massive, large-scale enterprise SaaS based systems.


Duration: -

60 Hours


Who Can take this course – Target Audience: -

  • 10th & 12th class students
  • Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates
  • Post graduate students – BCA, MCA, B.Tech , M.Tech


Pre-requisites for the Class: -

  • HTML, CSS & Java Script
  • PHP
  • Knowledge of programming techniques would be an advantage


Course Content: -

Basics of Magento
• General OOP and MVC concepts

• Event-driven architecture

• Magento module-based architecture

• Magento directory structure/naming conventions/code pools/namespaces/module structure

• Configuration XML

• Factory and functional class groups

• Class overrides
• Event observer Page 6 v.021811
• Request Flow
• Application initialization
• Front controller
• URL rewrites
• Request routing
• Modules initialization
• Design and layout initialization
• Structure of block templates
• Flushing data (output)
• Template structure
• Blocks
• Design layout SML schema, CMS content directives
Working with Database in Magneto
• Models resource and collections
• Magneto Object Relational Mapping
• Write, install and upgrade scripts using set up resources
Entity-Attribute-Value model
• Model concepts
• EAV entity
• Load and Save
• Attributes management
Admin HTML
• Common structure/architecture
• Form and Grid Widgets
• System configuration XML and configuration scope
• ACL (permissions)
• Enabling and configuring extensions



Recommended next Course after this course: -

  • PHP FrameWork ( CodeIgniter, Cake PHP , Laravel )
  • CMS ( Wordpress , Joomla )
  • Digital Marketing


Contact Us: -

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email us at                                            trainings.capalive@gmail.com / trainings@capalive.com

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