Social Media Marketing

answer these questions.

Which is better, a hammer or a screwdriver?

Is a sauce pan better than a skillet?

Should you use paid or organic social media marketing?

The answer to all three questions is the same in every case: It depends. The tool you use depends on the task at hand, the results you want, and how you want to achieve those results.

If you have an online business presence (and if you don’t we need to talk), social media marketing is mandatory. If you don’t have some kind of social media presence, you could be on your way to irrelevancy.

A major part of social media marketing is understanding the two different types: paid vs. organic.

Really, though, putting it this way sets up a false dichotomy that lands you in an either-or fallacy. Like most things in life, it’s not “either-or,” but “both-and” – depending on what and how you want to invest in your marketing efforts. Let’s take a look, then.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Here’s the short definition. With paid social, you invest money in return for a better chance at getting fast results.
The most important advantage of paid is that you can define and target a specific audience with, say, carefully crafted ads designed to engage those people who may already have an interest in your product or service.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Again, here’s the short definition. With organic social, you invest time and effort for slower, but longer-lasting, results. It’s not as tightly focused as paid, but it can keep on working for you over the long haul. It’s also just as vital to your business as paid social.

Primarily, organic social media marketing involves using the free tools available through the various social media platforms to build a social community with which you can regularly interact. The goal in all that is to get eyes on your content, which in turn leads to sign-ups, leads, new customers/clients, and sales.

Although organic is time- and labor-intensive, it does get results. After all, an ad may get a potential customer to Like your Facebook page, but if there’s not much there for them to see once they click on to it, you’ve probably lost that customer for good.

In addition, organic social marketing has staying power far beyond that of paid. Ads are run for only a set time period, but those links in your tweets to that high-quality article on your website keep getting shared. They can keep rattling around the web indefinitely, earning you leads today, tomorrow, and five years from now.

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